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Robert Gutierrez & Richard Gutierrez Independent Grocery Devine, Tx 

Robert Gutierrez & Richard Gutierrez

Independent Grocery

Devine, Tx 

Independent Grocery was founded by Robert Gutierrez in 1959 in Devine, Tx.  Robert was known around town for his customer service, dedication, and hard work.  He taught these same values to his children as they helped him run his grocery store.  He taught them the value of a hard days work and showed them what it meant to serve their community through their business.  

Richard Gutierrez took the lessons his father taught him and opened Champion Auto Glass in the year 2000 based on the same principles Robert Gutierrez opened Independent Grocery.  These principles--customer service, dedication, and hard work have paved the way for Champion Auto Glass to excel in the auto glass industry.  A leader in the San Antonio area, Champion Auto Glass knows what it means to serve their community, providing quality customer service and going the extra mile to make sure your auto glass emergencies are handled appropriately. 

As an NGA certified technician, Richard Gutierrez has guided his team at Champion Auto Glass to become the most knowledgable and safest technicians possible.  Champion Auto Glass uses the best replacement technology giving you the strongest repairs and windshield replacements.  Champion Auto Glass uses only the safest procedures when repairing or replacing your windshield giving you the piece of mind you deserve.

Champion Auto Glass is a local, family owned business and takes pride in its ability to provide the best customer service possible.   


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